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 Territory War :)

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PostSubject: Territory War :)   Sun Jan 02, 2011 8:52 am

Congratulations to everyone who went to the TW last night. Deviant had it's first attempt at it. The night was chaotic and full of death but very fun. I wanted to thank those of you who came Smile

The good, the bad, and the ugly LMAO

The good thing was more people were there than I actually expected to come. I had only figured about 10 people would show up (I had real high hopes as you can see lol) Our turn out was around 17-18 people. I want to thank each and everyone for coming.

The bad thing is we need at least double that number present to make a serious try at tw Wink so get to recruiting...if you know any of our current members email addies email them and ask them to come back and play more lol

The ugly part turns out that we went from a sort of plan into utter chaos fast. But, the very first TW i went on was in Tempest. We were learning how to TW against EQ. From start to finish the TW lasted 5 minutes roflmao Very Happy Deviant did better than that we managed to survive about 12 minutes Very Happy

So, what did we learn after this?

First thing I realized is I can not get all the towers built without a little help. And, shortly after that I realized we should have used mounts lmao Wink ah well live and learn Smile

I also came to the conclusion that I still cannot fight and type at the same time. As much as I want to get down in the center of it all and mix it up, I can not do that during TW or it will turn into a pk fest instead of a planned out war Wink

Noticed something else too, if you should happen to die in TW lol, release your corpse. You dont loose exp. You dont leave the instance. And the few clerics we have are very busy trying to keep people alive.

It would be a very good idea for everyone to at least do a little reading on TW so that you are familiar with the map and layout.

oh and last thing....we need to have more fun when we try and kill people Very Happy

Great job guys Wink
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Territory War :)
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