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 Introduction - Guidelines and Expectations

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PostSubject: Introduction - Guidelines and Expectations   Sun Mar 07, 2010 11:32 am

We are a pretty relaxed and friendly faction. We do ask our members to be respectful and friendly towards all of PWI and especially to our faction mates. Please remember that "DEVIANT" is over your head and your actions represent DEVIANT. Please do not cause petty drama within guild or with other guilds. If an officer or a member believes that your behavior does not meet DEVIANTS standard, officers will meet and discuss the severity of the offense. Most can be resolved with a warning. The next offense after the warning will result in banishment. Note that the offense will have to be pretty drastic to result in an official warning/banishment. For minor things, you'll be sent to Mae’s dungeon for a beating Evil or Very Mad

Players who are banished due to second offense may not come back into the faction. Players who were filtered due to inactively may come back once. Players who left on their own are welcome to come back. However you will not be allowed to return if you leave for a second time. We agreed on this because the faction shouldn't be a place where people keep leaving and coming back as they wish. It's a matter of trust and loyalty.

There are no particular restrictions for faction chat other than NO DRAMA. Please do not fight with a member in the faction chat. Use PM to work out your issues or open a chat room and invite an officer to help you guys to solve the conflict.

The minimum level requirement for incoming members will be 50+ of any class.

General leveling expectations
50-60: 2 levels per week
61-84: 1 level per week
85: May stay the same level to farm Rebirth Gamma

There will be a level review every week. Members except for officers will be given titles to keep track of leveling progress. During the level review day, members who did not meet the active requirement according to their title, which will be their level at the previous review day, will get a "X" after their updated title, which is their current level. If the same members fail to meet the requirement the following week (or 2 weeks later for 61+ members), they will get a second "X" after their title. Members with 2 X's in their title on the next review day will be banished. X's will reset after a member meet a requirement.

If you are going on vacation or have any other reason for absence from game and wish to remain in guild please let an officer know and feel free to leave message on forum.

We require that you be friendly and helpful and want to see our faction grow. Being active is essential for getting to know your faction mates and building friendships amongst members. We understand that members have things in real life such as jobs and school. Therefore, we do not ask you to play every day or X hours a week. But players DO need to be somewhat active. We want to maintain a close family and expand as we see fit. We are all responsible for helping each other grow and can achieve this by helping with quest and leveling.

Alts in Faction
One alt per player is allowed in the faction if we have room. However, they are subject to the same rules such as level and active requirement. If we were to run out of room in the faction, alts will be removed from the lowest level and up to make room for new members.
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Introduction - Guidelines and Expectations
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